Tesla Berlin

Tesla Berlin Plant Shutdown! Shocking Reason Revealed!

Production at Tesla’s assembly plant near Berlin stopped early Tuesday because of a fire near a high-voltage pylon. The fire caused a power outage at the factory and in the surrounding area where about 60,000 people live.

The fire didn’t damage the plant, but Tesla had to stop making cars, and everyone working there had to leave. Not everyone was there when the power went out.

By the afternoon, some areas had power again. The police are investigating the fire but don’t know who did it yet.

Some people have been protesting near the plant because they’re worried about Tesla cutting down trees in the nearby forest. Last month, most people who voted in the area said they didn’t want Tesla to expand.

The police don’t know who started the fire yet. But they think it’s a bad thing because it stopped electricity from working.

Tesla’s plant in Grünheide is the only one it has in Europe. It can make about 500,000 cars every year, but Tesla wants to make even more.

Someone who says they’re part of a group called “Vulkangruppe” told a newspaper they started the fire. This group did something similar in 2021.

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