Zuckerberg's Hawaii Bunker Sparks Billionaire Doomsday Trend

Zuckerberg’s Hawaii Bunker Sparks Billionaire Doomsday Trend

Zuckerberg’s Hawaii Bunker Sparks Billionaire Doomsday Trend

Although it is impossible for the wealthy to purchase their way out of death, they can certainly delay it. All of the expensive healthcare and personal trainers that money can buy do, on average, keep the wealthy breathing longer than the rest of us. It is the fear of death, not death itself, that functions as the greatest equalizer. In such an event, not even the most substantial sums of money can provide protection.


As the number of billionaires planning apocalyptic bunkers increases, an increasing number of survival shelter providers are offering opulent bunkers equipped with private theaters, swimming pools, and other luxuries for the elite to enjoy in the event of a global catastrophe.


As journalist Guthrie Scrimgeour details in a staggering investigative story for Wired magazine, Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire CEO of Meta, has spent almost a decade buying up land on the island for the construction—now well under way—of a sprawling 1,400-acre compound of mansions, treehouses, and tunnels. The crown jewel of the $270 million project is a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter with “its own energy and food supplies” and “what appears to be a blast-resistant door,” as reported by The Guardian.


Billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, a well-known Libertarian advocate, has also proposed an elaborate bunker lodge on New Zealand’s South Island. According to The Guardian, a local council rejected Thiel’s plans in 2022, citing the possibility that the billionaire’s bunker would have a negative impact on New Zealand’s landscape.


Numerous survival bunker companies have launched projects for wealthy people to co-invest in, in addition to the individual bunkers that billionaires like Zuckerberg and Thiel are building. Survival Condo is one of the top luxury bunker options currently available for the world’s richest individuals. It offers packages such as a $3 million, 1820-square-foot full-floor unit.


According to the company’s website, “This ‘Package’ is much more than just a ‘Survival Condo Unit.’ This ‘Package’ includes a fully furnished and custom-designed interior, special equipment for registered members, computer access to condo systems, and many other benefits. The actual Survival Condo Unit is only a portion of the total fee.”


The Survival Condo includes an indoor pool, spa, workout facility, theater, bar and lounge, library, classroom, medical center, communication center, digital weather station, general store, organic hydroponic and aquaculture food production, and other amenities in addition to the individual packages offered at multi-million dollar prices.


Following the discovery of Zuckerberg’s underground bunker, rumors of an impending apocalypse swept X, formerly known as Twitter. 

One participant expressed surprise at the news that 15 billionaires had recently constructed bunkers. Another user found the situation ironic, suggesting that the wealthy individuals might be preparing for potential global conflicts or civil unrest in the United States. A third commenter speculated that the billionaires’ decision to build bunkers implied knowledge of undisclosed information, prompting such precautionary measures. 


Another user raised a direct question, wondering why these billionaires were investing in bunkers and what information they might be privy to. Lastly, a concerned individual sought collaborative efforts to understand the global trend of billionaires building underground bunkers, expressing curiosity about the motivations behind this notable phenomenon.


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