Facebook and Instagram Crash

Facebook and Instagram Crash: Were You Hacked?

Facebook and Instagram are working again after they stopped working on March 5. People had trouble using Instagram and logging into Facebook.

Why Did This Happen?

The trouble started around 10:45 AM on March 5. Users couldn’t get into their accounts. About 500,000 people said they had problems. Some thought their accounts were hacked, but that wasn’t the case.

Was It a Hack?

No, it wasn’t a hack. The problem was a technical one, not a security issue. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, said they were fixing it.

What Did People Say?

When Facebook and Instagram weren’t working, people talked about it on another app called X. The company working on the problem said sorry for the trouble.

What Really Happened?

Experts think the problem was with a part of the system that checks if you’re allowed to log in. They found out that everything else was working fine, just this part wasn’t. By the end of the day, most things were working again, but some people still had trouble the next day.

What Should You Do Now?

When you can use Facebook and Instagram again, it’s good to make your account more secure. You can use something called a password manager to help remember your passwords. It’s also good to use two-factor authentication, which is an extra step to make sure it’s really you logging in.

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