5 Best Alternative Phone Browser Apps to Safari

5 Best Alternative Phone Browser Apps to Safari

Every iPhone comes with Safari already installed, but you can use other browsers too. There are many different browsers in the App Store, and each one has its own pros and cons. There is a perfect browser for everyone, whether you already use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or DuckDuckGo or want to try something new with Aloha or Arc Search. This blog posts goes into detail about some of our top choices to help you find a way to browse that fits your needs.

Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome is a very popular internet browser. It offers multiple features, such as syncing between mobile and desktop editions, allowing access to stored passwords, and being the most reliable option for web developers. Chrome offers secure storage for payment methods, a “Lite” data-saver mode, automatic translation of languages, a malicious-ad blocker, a pop-up blocker, and the ability to group tabs. While it doesn’t offer as many features as Firefox or Opera, it ticks most mission-critical boxes, including the ability to detect compromised passwords and enhance safe browsing.

You can sign in to Chrome with your Google Account, which is an important feature because it lets you sync your bookmarks and browsing history across all of your devices that have Chrome installed. Chrome also has a password manager that saves website login information. This makes it easier to log in without having to remember a lot of different passwords. Users can also leverage Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Google Chrome, in short, becomes the best option for people who want to browse the web on all of their Google-powered devices.


Brave is a Chromium-based browser that offers a built-in mobile ad blocker and the ability to pay websites for their content using the company’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) system. It also has privacy-minded search engines as the default. Brave’s privacy settings include setting preferred search engines on standard versus private tabs, forcing secure HTTPS connections when possible, blocking cookies and browser fingerprinting, and even blocking JavaScript.

The browser covers all of the basics and adds some nice touches, such as setting different preferred search engines on standard versus private tabs and granular privacy settings. Users can group tabs and use the Tor anonymizing protocol, but the option to easily use the Tor anonymizing protocol has not been carried over from the desktop version.

AI technology has been integrated into Brave, making it one of the better Safari alternatives out there. It also offers features similar to other options on this list, such as Adblock, a rewards system, and a crypto wallet. Brave also includes a built-in VPN service, with new users eligible for a free week’s trial of the VPN. Despite its creativity and built-in news feature, Brave is priced higher than other options on the market, making it a fantastic Safari replacement.

Arc Browser

Arc Search is a new web browser for phones that grew from a desktop version that came out in 2023. It gives users personalized webpages with information from six different sources by using artificial intelligence (AI) to do searches for them. Users can also search the old-fashioned way by choosing their favorite search engine, such as Safari. The app also has a feature called “Spaces” that lets you organize and group tabs and themes. Arc Search puts privacy and security first and does not keep track of your browser history or search history.

The “Browse for Me” feature lets users see a normal search page while AI gathers data from six sources to make a personalized page. Arc Search also makes regular search easier by giving users a list of search engines to choose from, starting with the web browser that comes with their iPhone. Another option besides Safari, it is worth checking out if you want to try something different when browsing the web.

Aloha browser

The web browser Aloha can be used as both a private VPN and a web browser. It has an Adblock Plus plug-in that stops annoying ads. It has a free version that comes with a VPN that encrypts internet traffic, which makes your browser faster and more private. The built-in ad blocker stops ads and trackers, which makes browsing faster. Aloha has a Web3 cryptocurrency wallet, a media player, and a profile manager as well.

When users upgrade to Aloha Premium, they can change which VPN country they connect to and set the VPN to start automatically with the browser. The premium package protects all of your devices with VPN and has other premium features. It also gets rid of some ads that show up in the free version.

However, Aloha does not yet have a desktop version, which means that passwords and browsing history cannot be synced between devices. If you like Aloha, you might want to consider upgrading to Aloha Premium, which lets users choose their VPN country and protects all of their devices with a VPN. In spite of this, Aloha is a good replacement for Safari for people who want a safe and private web browser.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused web browser that was made from the DuckDuckGo search engine and Chromium. It makes it easy to hide your browsing history and tabs. There is a button to the right of the address/search bar that lets users delete tabs and browsing history at any time. There are no ad trackers on DuckDuckGo, and the site they visit always uses the strongest encryption available. It gives a “privacy grade” from A to F as well.

One problem is that DuckDuckGo does not let users create an account, so they can not sync their searches across devices. There is now a desktop browser for those who want to use it on their computer as well as their phone. With its advanced features, DuckDuckGo protects users from third-party advertisers and data collectors by blocking trackers that are hidden on the websites they visit.

The user interface is simple and easy to use, and users can change settings to suit their needs. The Fire Button can be used to clear tabs and browsing history, and users can turn off images and change other settings to make browsing easier. The search engine on DuckDuckGo is one of its best features. It does not keep track of your search history, so your results will not be saved or used to show you targeted ads. If you care a lot about privacy, DuckDuckGo is one of the best alternatives to Safari.

Final Words

Looking for an alternative to the iPhone’s default browser? If you are not happy with it, there are plenty of options to explore. Try out a few different browsers to find the one that suits you best before making a final decision. Think about things like speed, usability, privacy features, and personalization options. You will be better able to select the browser that meets your requirements after you have tested them all.

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