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7 iPad Pro Features for Instant Upgrades

Apple is expected to announce new iPad Pros in 2024, with rumors and leaks indicating numerous upgrades for iPad users.  Similar to the iPhone Pro models, the iPad Pro is for people who want the best hardware and the most powerful tablet that Apple has to offer. Users are expecting certain updates in the upcoming iPad Pros. The iPad Pros are not officially available yet, but users are eager to experience the new features and improvements. Some of the upgrades for which users are looking include a higher storage capacity option, improved multitasking capabilities, a better front camera for video calls, and a sleeker design. In this article, we will have a deep look into the seven potential upgrades users are anticipating the most for the upcoming iPad Pros.

Midnight Finish: A Stylish Option for Discerning Users

A sleeker and more stylish alternative to the current Space Gray model, the Midnight iPad Pro could be a big addition to Apple’s product line. The Midnight model of the MacBook Air has a deep, dark finish that has a hint of blue that can only be seen in the right lighting. 

Even though Midnight is not a “pro” color, it might appeal to a new group of customers who care about both design and functionality. With its deep, dark finish that has a hint of blue, the iPad Pro would stand out from other devices. It would be a great choice for people who value both. A Midnight iPad Pro might not be what everyone wants, but it could be a huge deal for Apple’s product line.

Storage: More Space for Your Growing Needs

Apple should make the iPad Pro’s base storage bigger, to 256GB, so that it can fit more users. For some people, 128GB is enough, but not for a main computer. With 256GB, one can store all of their apps and files without having to pay extra for more storage. Since apps and files are getting bigger, having more storage space lets one work quickly without worrying about running out of room. 

This would also make the iPad Pro more appealing to professionals who use their tablets to do a lot of work. It is easier to get a better balance between local and cloud storage when the iPad has more baseline storage. To meet the needs of its growing user base, Apple should make the smart choice to increase its base storage.

Display: OLED and ProMotion technology

There are rumors that Apple will release two new iPad Pros with OLED screens to replace the older LCDs and mini-LED panel on the bigger 12.9-inch model. People who use the iPad Pro should like it more after this change because it should make the contrast, black levels, and colors look better.

The current iPad Pro can get as bright as 600 nits when it is not being used and up to 1,600 nits when it is watching HDR content. For everyday use, the next iPad Pro should be able to reach 1,000 to 1,500 nits, and when watching HDR content, it should be able to reach over 2,000 nits. It would be much easier to see and use the screen outside if it was brighter. 

Apple should also think about adding ProMotion technology to the display to make it smoother and more responsive. With these updates, the iPad would even more firmly establish itself as the best tablet for work and play. People hope that Apple will take their feedback to heart and make the screens on the next iPads even better.

Magic Keyboard 2.0: Enhanced Functionality and Design

A popular and comfortable iPad add-on when it came out in 2020 was the Magic Keyboard. However, it has some issues, such as limited viewing angles and a lack of a row of Function keys. For 12.9-inch iPads, this is a big problem. In addition, the keyboard makes the device much thicker and heavier.

For the next iPad Pro, Apple should redesign the Magic Keyboard to fix these problems while keeping the keyboard’s original features. The current silicone covering on the keyboard can attract dust and lint, making it unappealing over time. An upgrade to a smoother, longer-lasting material would be nice. Adding a row of Function keys would also make the experience better for the user by making it easier to get to functions that are used often.

The problems with the current keyboard could be fixed by redesigning the Magic Keyboard for the next iPad Pro. This would make the keyboard look better and work better.

Webcam: Center Stage for Improved Video Calls

For the 10th generation iPad starting in 2022, Apple moved the webcam to the top of the iPad horizontally. This way, it can be centered at the top when the iPad is docked to a keyboard and placed sideways. But this change has not been made to the iPad Pro, which is likely what most iPad Pro users use. Based on rumors, Apple may move the webcam to the right side of the next iPad Pro.

However, this is a request that was made very late. This change would improve the overall user experience and make video calls look better. Also, the iPad Pro would be more in line with other Apple products, making the whole ecosystem better for users. Apple should change their minds and put a webcam in the middle of the next iPad Pro.

Dual Thunderbolt Ports: Unleash the Full Potential

A second USB-C port should be added to the next iPad Pro, even though Apple may not let them have it. With this, users could connect more accessories, get to files on a flash drive, and switch out their charging cable. There are two USB-C ports on the Magic Keyboard right now, but it would rather have two Thunderbolt ports. So, the iPad Pro would be able to do more things and be more flexible. This would make it a powerful tool for work or play.

If the iPad Pro could connect to a lot of fast accessories, external displays, and storage devices, it would be a productivity powerhouse. The ability to charge the device from either side would make it easier to use and more flexible for different work settings. The idea of an iPad Pro with two Thunderbolt ports is exciting, and it would make using the device better overall.

Battery Life: Power Through Your Day Without Limits

The current iPad Pros can be used for 10 to 12 hours on a single charge, which is long enough for personal use. Although, people who use apps like Google Docs, Slack, and Spotify for long periods of time may only have two hours left before they need to be charged again. Apple should either make the battery bigger or tweak the system to make it last longer, like the MacBook Pro, which can be used for a full day of work. 

The iPad Pro’s portability and ease of use are very important for work, but having to charge it all the time can be a big pain. It would make the iPad Pro much more useful and productive if Apple could fix this problem in the next model. This would make it possible for people to work without having to constantly look for an outlet to plug in. This would be huge for professionals who depend on their devices for work.

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