5 best OCR to convert an image to text

5 best OCR to convert an image to text

You might have taken a picture of an interesting quote on social media, an important paragraph in a magazine, or just a few numbers on a table on a piece of paper to remember them later. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extract text from an image automatically using an online image to text converter? To do this, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool is very helpful. It can find handwritten or printed text in an image and turn it into text data that a computer can read. Here, we will discuss the five best OCR tools to extract text from an image.

What is an OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is software that recognizes and extracts text from paper or image documents, converting non-editable content into machine-readable text. This technology is often used to scan and process documents digitally, which makes it easier to organize, search, and change text data. OCR technology has changed how businesses handle paperwork in a big way. OCR software converts paper documents into digital files, which eliminates the need for manual data entry. This saves time and resources. OCR is very useful in fields like banking and healthcare that need to quickly and correctly process a lot of paper-based information.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a popular PDF editor with numerous features, including optical character recognition (OCR) technology for converting images into editable text. It offers reliable OCR, fast and accurate translations, and supports 29 languages, including English, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. However, a subscription is required to access all features. Available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, the price starts at $79.99.

Cuneiform OpenOCR

Cuneiform OpenOCR was initially a commercial OCR tool but now offers a free service. It can open image files or scan images directly from the scanner. This tool can rotate, zoom, or select specific areas of an image for recognition. It can recognize 20 languages. After the OCR process, users can use the Spellcheck feature to correct spelling errors. It can also recognize tables and pictures and save them in a separate file. It preserves the original layout, text, and formatting styles. Later, you can modify them or export them to other applications.

Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat is an OCR system that is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. However, it lacks scanner integration functionality. Users can edit printed documents, cut and paste text, and export files to Microsoft Office. It keeps the appearance of the original document. It integrates with platforms like Salesforce and Workday and supports over 20 languages. It can process XML inputs and offer exports in Word and Excel formats. It stores files on cloud services like Creative Cloud and offers security and password-protected PDF files. The paid plans of Adobe Acrobat start at $22 per month, with a 10% discount on annual payments. A free trial is available for 14 days.

jpgtotext.com Best Ocr

This is a free OCR tool that converts non-digital files into editable digital formats. It uses advanced technology to extract text in real time from images, performing tasks like input-output scanning, feature extraction, and location segmentation. The tool also helps identify mathematical issues, recognizing complex polynomial expressions and arithmetic equations as humans. It supports multiple-page formats and can convert print media to digital formats. The most useful feature is its ability to extract blurry or low-resolution images.


This is a free online OCR tool that can read text in images and PDFs and supports more than 60 languages. Users can turn scanned images and PDF files into text that can be edited. It supports over 60 languages and produces highly accurate results. The tool also allows users to choose an output format for the converted text, such as plain text, Microsoft Word, or searchable PDF. i2OCR is free to use, but there are limitations on the number of conversions per day.

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