Xoriant Buys MapleLabs: Making Technology Better for Everyone

Xoriant, a consulting and information technology services company based in the United States, has acquired MapleLabs Inc., a product engineering company based in Bengaluru. The purpose of this strategic move is to revolutionize cloud infrastructure, improve the experience of service to customers, and establish new standards for the industry. Xoriant’s position in hybrid cloud infrastructure and cloud-native engineering is strengthened as a result of the acquisition, which also promises to revolutionize the way in which customers and businesses interact with technology. The vision is to create a world where technology feels like a natural extension of the human experience.

A Step Forward in Strategic Planning

Xoriant has made a big step forward in its mission to improve its platform engineering skills and grow its product ideation, design, development, and maintenance of complex cloud-native apps by buying MapleLabs. The merger will give Xoriant access to MapleLabs’ intellectual property in a way that has never been seen before. This includes SnappyFlow and other tools for improving cloud performance and data center sizing. It will also set new standards for customer experience in the industry.

Transforming cloud infrastructure

Cloud-native app developer MapleLabs has bought leading hybrid cloud solution provider Xoriant. The goal of the acquisition is to use advanced product engineering to change the way cloud infrastructure works. MapleLabs’ cloud optimization and observability platforms, such as SnappyFlow, will make current services better and bring in new customers who are looking for new ways to use the cloud. The merger should improve current services and bring in new customers looking for quick and easy cloud solutions.

Giving Customers More Power

Xoriant and MapleLabs have joined forces to offer customers a set of tools and platforms that will help them make their digital infrastructure more secure, scalable, and fast. This smart purchase not only raises the bar for cloud-native engineering and hybrid cloud infrastructure, but it also brings the promise of the next generation of digital experiences closer to reality. With leaders like Xoriant leading the way, digital innovation has a bright future. Technology will become an extension of the human experience, helping businesses get ahead in today’s competitive digital world.

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