WhatsApp’s New Privacy Features: Stay Safe and Private!

On International Women’s Day, let’s look at how WhatsApp helps keep messaging safe, especially for women. WhatsApp has added several features to make sure everyone can keep their chats private and feel secure when they use the app.

Below are five key privacy enhancements on WhatsApp that contribute to a secure and private messaging experience:

Manage Your Online Visibility: WhatsApp allows you to control who sees your Profile Photo, Last Seen, Online status, and About section. You can set these to be visible to everyone, your contacts, selected contacts, or no one, giving you the power to manage your online footprint.

Selective Communication: WhatsApp offers a secure space for connecting with family and friends. If you receive unwanted messages from unfamiliar numbers, the platform enables you to block and report these accounts. Once blocked, these contacts cannot call or message you.

Enhance Account Security: Implement an additional security layer for your WhatsApp account through Two-Step Verification. This feature asks for a six-digit PIN for account resetting and verification, adding extra protection.

Control Message Lifespan: To keep conversations private, activate disappearing messages that automatically delete after a set period—24 hours, seven days, or ninety days—based on your preference.

Lock Private Conversations: With Chat Lock, you can password-protect your most sensitive chats, storing them in a dedicated folder. This ensures that even if someone else uses your phone, they cannot access these locked messages.

These features demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy, offering tools to ensure a safe and controlled digital communication experience.

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