Unable to afford the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro? Explore these three excellent alternative headsets

Unable to afford the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro? Explore these three excellent alternative headsets

Apple released the Vision Pro on Friday, February 2, in the U.S. It is a mixed-reality headset that lets users access virtual apps with their eyes and voices as well as their hands. The headset is called a “revolutionary spatial computer that changes the way people work, connect, remember things, and have fun.” The price, though, was $3,499. Early users gave the headset mixed reviews, but preorders for it were said to have gone fast.

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The Vision Pro may only be available to early adopters or people who can spend that much money on a whim. Existing VR headsets have become cheaper since the Vision Pro came out. VR gaming offers a more immersive experience than traditional gaming. Hence, for people on a budget, competitors with cheaper products like augmented reality headsets, mixed reality, and virtual reality may be a better choice. 

VR headsets can also be used to chat with friends, stream videos, and browse the web. If spending as much money on a used car is not something you want to do, read through these VR deals to find deals on headsets from Meta, Xreal, and more.

Meta Quest 3

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The Meta Quest 3 is a well-known VR headset that has many of the same basic features as the Vision Pro. For example, you can stream movies on a custom screen, work in floating windows, and use mixed reality apps. It also has a huge selection of games and fitness software, such as console-quality games like Asgard’s Wrath 2 and arcade games like Beat Saber. For workouts, it has Supernatural and FitXR. The Quest store has a huge selection of VR games and apps, such as those from Xbox Cloud Gaming and Steam. The Vision Pro has a 2D screen that floats and can play games. Most of the games it plays are from Apple Arcade or the App Store. The cheapest version of the Meta Quest 3, with 128 GB of storage space, costs $499.99 on the company’s website.

XReal’s Air 2 Ultra

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The Chinese startup XReal is confident that its Air 2 Ultra glasses will completely outperform the Apple Vision Pro in terms of performance. XReal’s most recent addition to its inventory of augmented reality glasses comes with a price tag of $699 and offers features such as app selection that are comparable to those found on the Apple Vision Pro. According to the company, the glasses are intended to be an “affordable alternative” to Apple’s Vision Pro. They are currently available for preorder, and shipments are scheduled to begin in March. Eyewear from XReal, including older models, can be purchased for as little as $299 initially.

Sony PlayStation VR 2

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The PSVR 2 is a slimmer and better version of the original PlayStation VR headset. It looks sleek in white and black and weighs only 560 grams. It has a power button, a round halo band, and an easy setup process. The headset has haptic feedback, 4K resolution, and a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye. The DualSense gamepad on the PS5 is like the Sense controllers in VR. They have haptic trigger buttons. The launch also improves Cinematic Mode, allowing users to display content at full 1080p with HDR support and up to a 60Hz refresh rate. However, original PSVR owners may not be able to fully utilize their old catalog with the new hardware. Using a dedicated gaming headset can enhance the audio experience.


As you go for a cheaper device, it is sure that you have to compromise on some qualities or features. Of course, none of these devices are better than the Vision Pro in terms of features or quality. But these are the best in the cheap series. If you like to play games and work out, Meta Quest 3 is the best suggestion on this list. The Xreal Air 2 Ultra is also a great choice if you want a personal, portable screen to watch movies and play games on, especially if you want one that will not get you in trouble in public. 

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