Telerenta: Investing €3 Million to Revolutionize Electronic Equipment Rental in Southeast Europe

Telerenta: Investing €3 Million to Revolutionize Electronic Equipment Rental in Southeast Europe

A three million euro investment is going to be made in 2024 by Telerenta, the electronic equipment rental platform in Southeast Europe, in order to revolutionize the market. The company aims to increase rented product volume to over 10,000 by the end of the year, capitalizing on the shift in consumer behavior from purchasing to renting. Telerenta’s CEO, Mădălin Ilie, believes that this shift presents an opportunity for the company to grow and meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

Expanding Technological Infrastructure and Inventory 

Telerenta intends to meet the growing demand for rental products by increasing its technological infrastructure and expanding its inventory. The company’s goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality electronic products, such as mobile phones, laptops, and home appliances, in order to meet the varied requirements of its clientele. Telerenta is confident in its ability to lead the market for electronic equipment rental in Southeast Europe and to provide solutions that are both convenient and cost-effective to its expanding customer base as a result of this strategic investment.

Telerenta’s Ambitious Investment Plan Targets 

The ambitious investment plan that Telerenta has undertaken focuses on six key areas: the development of the platform, the enhancement of the user experience, the expansion of the portfolio, the expansion into international markets, product stock, and marketing. A significant portion of the investment will be invested in advertising with the goal of enhancing the level of satisfaction experienced by customers and operational effectiveness. There are also plans for the company to broaden its product portfolio in order to provide a greater variety of electronic equipment that can be rented.

RentBox Service for Instant Electronics Rental

Telerenta also wants to grow internationally. They have plans to enter three new markets in 2024, focusing on countries with strong eCommerce ecosystems. TVs, computers, and other electronics can be rented and picked up right away from vending machines with Telerenta’s new service, RentBox. The company wants to have 20 RentBox vending machines all over Romania by the end of 2024. They also have plans to expand into other countries.

Telerenta wants to go from renting out 3,000 items to renting out over 10,000 items by 2024. This will bring in about 20% of the company’s total revenue. As Telerenta continues to grow and change, it will likely change the way people rent electronics, not just in Romania but also in Europe and other places.

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