Strengthened EY-ServiceNow partnership: GenAI governance revolution

Strengthened EY-ServiceNow partnership: GenAI governance revolution

The strategic partnership between EY and ServiceNow is growing to include more services for generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) compliance, governance, and risk management. The new products should be out in early 2024. They will have tools for AI discovery, managing inventory, putting policies into action, risk management, and automatic monitoring. The goal of these products is to change the way AI is managed and governed by making sure it follows the rules and encouraging honest and responsible business practices.

EY Strategically Adopts ServiceNow GenAI in IT and HR

The partnership is a testament to EY’s focus on increasing productivity and growth, as ServiceNow’s generative AI tools will find application across EY’s IT and HR sectors, enhancing experiences for over 400,000 professionals. Concerns about how to govern AI technologies are growing around the world at the same time as this effort. Given the possible input and output issues that come with GenAI, it is more important than ever to have strong regulations.

EY Global Chairman and ServiceNow CEO

EY Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio talked about how important AI is to the C-suite and how it needs to be governed properly. ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott emphasized the partnership’s role in speeding up the adoption of GenAI on their platform, which will help customers be more productive and grow.

The new products should make it easier to manage and control artificial intelligence (AI), making sure that regulations are followed correctly and encouraging honest, open, and responsible business practices. Businesses can use the EY AI Governance and Compliance solution to find and manage AI, manage policies and put them into action, set risk levels, and set up automated monitoring, among other important features. In the first months of 2024, the new products should be available.

Empowering EY’s IT and HR Functions

EY will also use ServiceNow GenAI features in its IT and HR business functions. These include deploying IT Service Management (ITSM) PRO+, HR Service Delivery (HRSD) PRO+, and Now Assist GenAI tools, which will help improve the work experiences of more than 400,000 EY professionals.

ServiceNow and EY have worked together for a long time, offering services in risk management, global business services, supply chain and manufacturing management, and new technology. The expanded alliance builds on ServiceNow and the EY organization’s announcement in December 2021 to transform finance and tax service offerings.

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