Snapchat Revolutionizes Social Networking with ‘Planet’

Snapchat Revolutionizes Social Networking with ‘Planet’: A New Way to Group Friends

Launched in July 2011, two college students at Stanford University came up with Snapchat and went on to revolutionize social media communication. The disappearing-images app is valued at more than $10 billion because it allows people to send pictures or videos that will disappear within a maximum of 10 seconds after they have been watched.

The biggest threat to Facebook has been Snapchat. A Williston student survey showed that 85% of them said they spend more time on Facebook than Snapchat. The median age for users of Snapchat is 18, while the average user’s age on Facebook is thought to be around 40. This is a significant difference from what would have been observed about four to five years ago.

Are you ready for something amazing? “Snapchat Planets“ It is like a digital planet where your friends’ links transform into an amazing solar system of shared moments.

In this blog, we’ll see how Snapchat Planets enhances the way people network and stay in touch with their friends. Come along and see what Snapchat Planets can make very cool!

What are Snapchat planets?

Snapchat Planets is a cool new feature that turns your friends’ relationships into planet-like connections. Consider a situation where the best friends become celebrities, and the more you engage with them, the closer they are to each other in your digital universe.

It is like having a galaxy of friends all on one Snapchat. All your friends turn into planets and as you send photos, messages, or stories their worlds depend on yours.

Thus, the more talking and sharing you do on Snapchat Planets, the livelier and more colorful they become. This is a brand new approach to see and feel your Snapchat friendships.

How to Personalize Your Snapchat Planets?

Want to have your BFFs closer in the solar system of Snapchat? It’s easy! You can set the destination for each friend. Tap and hold on their planet, then drag it to your ideal location. Arrange them to your liking and have a unique digital galaxy that is yours.

Creating Group Constellations

Group your friends into ‘constellations’. It is like having groups of friends on a general subject. Thus, form a work constellation, a school constellation, or any other group you may find suitable. Make your solar system easy to manage and use.

Colorful Planet Themes

Colorize your Snapchat planets. You can pick a selection of different themes for each friend’s planet to create individualized styles. Choose topics depending on the mood you are in or only to satisfy your creative needs. It’s a unique way to give your solar system some personality.

Snapchat, Planet Accessories

Decorate your friends’ planets by adding cool accessories to denote shared memories. It is like decorating your solar system with fun things that reflect friendships. Experiment with various accessories and model your digital world after the incredible times you spent together.

Personalized Notifications

Receive relevant notifications! Customize your notification settings for each friend. This ensures that you only receive alerts from the friends with whom you want to stay connected. It organizes your digital space and guarantees that you are in touch with people who matter the most.

ShowingShared Memories

Access memories and relive your best moments. Your friends are organized in your solar system based on shared memories. It is a creative way to celebrate special moments and make your Snapchat planets have more significant meaning.

Interactive Backgrounds

Change the appearance of your Snapchat planets by changing backgrounds. It is as if you were repainting your digital space. Try different backgrounds that suit your mood and engage yourself to prevent the solar system from becoming monotonous.

What is the order and meaning of each Snapchat Solar System?

Do you want to impact others with your great Snapchat planets? Share them with your friends! It is a wonderful tool for sharing innovation and toasting your digital galaxies. Spread the affection and allow your friends to witness how you have individualized it!

The order and meaning of the planets in your Snapchat solar system are as follows. A part of the Snapchat Plus paid subscription, the Snapchat Planets feature represents an individual’s top 8 friends as planets in each person’s personalized solar system. Here’s a more detailed description of each planet:



This is the planet with 5 heart emojis, which represents your closest friend on Snapchat whom you communicate more often. This world indicates the strength of your relationship, representing Mercury in reality as being close to the sun.



Venus is the symbol of your second friend, which has a pink/purple color, and around it are five multicolored hearts. The bright colors represent all the warmth and ‘life’ of your friendship, much like Venus (known as our solar system’s hottest planet).



As the third best friend on the app, Earth is portrayed in real-life color with green and blue hearts. Your friendship is symbolized by the colors of Earth that indicate its natural and terrestrial qualities.



The fourth best Snapchat friend is shown by Mars, a red planet with stars and purple/blue hearts. The red color and stars indicate how your friendship is fiery yet glittering.



Purple planet Jupiter with purple hearts, your fifth closest Snapchat friend. The purple hues and hearts represent the depths and richness of your friendship just as it is on Jupiter, our real-life largest planet.



The app displays a yellow planet Saturn with yellow hearts, which stands for your sixth best friend. The yellow color and the hearts represent the happiness that is in your friendship, similar to real Saturn with its beautiful rings.



The seventh closest friend on Snapchat is depicted by Uranus, a blue planet with blue hearts and stars. Blue and stars represent the tranquil side of your bond akin to how when we look at real Uranus, it is seen as cold.



Your eighth closest Snapchat friend is Neptune, a blue planet with blue stars. The blue color and stars symbolize the abyss of your friendship, like real Neptune – the farthest planet in our solar system.

However, as your relationship with a person on Snapchat gets stronger over time, their planet will move closer to the Sun in your solar system; this shows that you are close.


The landscape of digital connection has been transformed by Snapchat Planets because now we can see and relate to our friends differently. As we sail through this cosmic voyage in the app, friends appear as celestial bodies, and memories become phenomenal solar systems.

Being able to personalize the Snapchat Planets gives them an element of individuality, turning what would have been a lifeless and meaningless connection into something richer. In this cosmic arena, every engagement takes us deeper to a place where virtual connections seem more than otherworldly.

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