Akko MOD007B Mechanical Keyboard review

Akko is a Chinese company that has made a name for itself in the keyboard industry very quickly. The company’s goal is to elevate keyboards beyond simple tools by combining cutting-edge features with beautiful designs. Along with several distinct designs, it provides an extensive array of options, ranging from the spacious 108-key layout to the more manageable 60% layout.

With its stunning world-tour Santorini or Tokyo design, customizable actuation distance, hot-swap keycaps, and multiple connection methods, the Akko MOD007B Mechanical Keyboard is a 75% keyboard. It might be the ideal keyboard for a Mac, and it will probably take the place of our current configuration.

What is the Cost and accessibility of Akko MOD007B?

At $150, the Akko MOD007B-PC line provides exceptional value. You can choose between the Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch and the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch. Both switches offer a satisfying typing experience with helpful physical feedback. The Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch is known for its smooth keystrokes, making it ideal for gamers and writers. On the other hand, the Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch offers a little heavier actuation force, providing a more stable and precise typing experience for those who prefer a harder feel. Ultimately, both options deliver excellent performance and durability, making the Akko MOD007B-PC line a great choice for affordable people seeking a dependable mechanical keyboard.

What will you get in the box?

Everything about the Akko MOD007B-PC Santorini was exciting to open up, from the box with a theme to the protective cover with a logo that guaranteed the keyboard would arrive undamaged. You will find the keyboard, a handbook, and an additional compartment containing extras when you open the exquisitely crafted keyboard’s packaging. With any typical device, the manual is usually the first thing you throw out. However, the Akko handbook is helpful in several ways, including providing instructions for customizing the keyboard and schematics outlining each function command.

There is a box in the second compartment that contains a keycap/switch puller, a 2.4GHz USB receiver for using the keyboard over Wi-Fi, and a premium USB-C cable that you can use to charge the keyboard or connect it directly to your PC.

Design and Typing Experience of Akko MOD007B?

The Akko MOD007B-PC is a visually stunning keyboard that stands out from other conventional keyboards due to its unique design. It features a white and blue color scheme inspired by the Greek city of Santorini, with white keycaps on letter/number keys and blue keycaps on function keys. The Santorini model has artwork of the city on the space bar, Shift, and Enter, while the Tokyo model draws inspiration from Tokyo and features Sakura blossoms and Mount Fuji in a white and pink pattern.

Both models have dye-sublimation keycaps, an exploded 75% layout, and magnetic switches, which may be a rare treatment in specialized products. The console supports 3-pin mechanical switches and is hot-swappable for those who prefer custom keycaps or fancy keyboards. The PBT case is bulky due to the shock plate, and the keyboard could be thinner and easier to use if the click pad could be removed. The console weighs around 2.8 pounds (1.2 kg) for a larger console, but it feels stable when used in the office.

One advantage of the Akko MOD007B-PC is its network option, which includes Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, a multi-server 2.4 GHz USB aggregator for Wi-Fi, and a wired USB-C connection for workspace use or charging. Onboard memory stores RGB profiles and settings, saving users time and hassle. The console claims a 1000 Hz speed, but testing shows this is recommended when connected via USB-C. Additionally, its 3,600mAh battery is impressive.

Features and Software OF AKKO MOD007B

(Image credit: Preston’s Thoughts-Youtube)

The Akko MOD007B is a mechanical keyboard that has garnered positive reviews for its design and quality. Here are some of its features:

  • 75% keyboard with magnetic switches
  • Customizable actuation distance
  • Hotswap keycaps
  • Multiple connection methods
  • World-tour Santorini or Tokyo design

The keyboard comes with a driver that allows for custom RGB/Macro programming and online firmware upgrades on magnetic switch keyboards. The driver is not applicable to all VIA/QMK models. The keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Pros of Akko MOD007B

  • A completely adjustable keyboard
  • RGB dynamic backlight
  • gratifying experience while using
  • Gorgeous style
  • Hotswap keys to add more personalization

Cons of Akko MOD007B

  • Using the online driver is not always clear.
  • Low battery life occurs when the backlight is on.
  • Quite loud when typing

Should you purchase the Akko MOD007B?

The Hall effect magnetic switches on these keyboards are worth the price of admission alone, but the Akko MOD007B-PC also has a beautiful design and many customization options. The adjustable actuation distance really helps if you want to use this keyboard for more than just one task, while advanced features like rapid triggers and dynamic keystrokes give you a tactical advantage in games. If you want to use this keyboard only for gaming, then it is recommended to use it as a USB-C keyboard, but for general use, the wireless options are great, and the battery lasts quite long.

Today, the most affordable brand-name keyboards all look very similar, with monochrome colors, a bit of chrome plating, and a ton of RGB. Even though we have seen a rise in more retro-looking keyboard models from brands like Drukdeer, Wooting, and Keychron, Akko’s keyboards are just on a different level in terms of design. I’m happy to see a company like Akko on the market, creating unique keyboards that help bridge the gap between DIY keyboard enthusiasts and regular keyboard users. This keyboard did everything I expected and still surprised me a little more. I’ve now got my eye on Akko, and I can’t wait to see what they release next.

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