Samsung Electronics’ Unprecedented AI Talent Recruitment Drive

Samsung Electronics’ Unprecedented AI Talent Recruitment Drive

Samsung Electronics is launching a massive AI talent hiring spree to strengthen its capabilities in artificial intelligence and gain a competitive edge in new business areas, including low-power application processors. The Device Experience (DX) division is seeking over 90 positions across various sectors, with a focus on research and development of cutting-edge technologies. The recruitment drive is unprecedented in scale and scope, with simultaneous hiring across multiple job categories. Chairman Jay Y. Lee has emphasized the importance of securing technical talents for core competitiveness.

Low-Power Processors

Samsung Electronics’ focus on low-power application processors is a key area of focus, demonstrating the company’s dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability. Samsung’s extensive recruitment efforts signal its determination to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly reshaping tech landscape. By investing in top-tier AI talent, the tech giant is not only preparing for tomorrow’s challenges but also shaping the future of technology.

AI Talent Acquisition

The company plans to recruit AI-related talents, such as giant language models (LLM), multimodal generative AI models, and generative on-device AI technologies, in fields such as language AI, speech AI, and vision AI. The Mobile Experience (MX) division plans to hire experienced employees to perform security strategy development and related solution development tasks, with preference given to those with experience in winning hacking competitions.

Extensive DX Sector Recruitment Strategy

The home appliance (DA) division will recruit people with experience in customer experience and multi-device experience (CX·MDE), smart circuit development, and quality of smart home appliances. The video display (VD) division will recruit experienced digital advertising industry holders to carry out Samsung smart TV advertising marketing and global advertising sales analysis. The battlefield (automotive electrical and electronic equipment) business team will strengthen the consumer audio business between Samsung Electronics and Harman, plan new businesses in the battlefield, and recruit talent to pursue mergers and acquisitions. Samsung Electronics’ massive recruitment of all DX sector jobs seems to be aimed at securing super-gap competitiveness and leading the market by preempting talented people in all directions.

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