Quordle answer, tips, and hints: Today, February 21, 2024

Quordle answer, tips, and hints: Today, February 21, 2024

Quordle is a popular daily word game that gives players the opportunity to guess four five-letter words in as few as nine attempts. Merriam-Webster has recently acquired Quordle. Quordle 758 word puzzles are available in an unlimited quantity in the dedicated practice mode, which players can use to hone their skills. The daily game mode provides a fresh set of words each day at midnight, and if a user is successful in solving the puzzle, their statistics, including their win streak, will be updated accordingly. Merriam-Webster has provided hints alongside the answer for certain words because it can be challenging to guess them within the allotted number of guesses. Quordle 758 is a significant evolution in the world of word puzzles. Its goal is to broaden one’s vocabulary and improve one’s ability to think critically by means of daily challenges that are interconnected.

How to play the Quordle today?

Quordle 758 is a game that is like figuring out four Wordle puzzles at the same time. Each puzzle has a different word to guess. Go to the Quordle website and follow these steps to search for hidden words.

  • Enter a real word with five letters using a virtual or regular keyboard and press the Enter button. 
  • The word is written on all four grids simultaneously, with boxes changing colors based on the letter’s correctness.
  • Green indicates the correct letter, yellow indicates the correct letter but incorrect placement, and gray indicates the words not in the secret word.
  • Each grid has nine rows and you have nine attempts to find all four secret words.
  • If you fail, you lose the game.
  • If you correctly guess all the letters and their positions, you will win.

Quordle Hints and answers: February 21, 2024

Quordle 758 is a game that helps people learn new words by showing them a lot of different ones. The time people spend playing the game is also used to improve their language skills. The cognitive improvement that can be achieved by playing Quordle 758 shows how the game combines educational and fun elements to help the mind grow. To help players navigate Quordle 758 on February 21, several hints and strategies are provided to streamline the puzzle-solving process.

Hints for the Quordle

The following are some suggestions that will be of assistance to you in solving the Quordle puzzle

  1. The first word begins with an R, the second word begins with an F, the third word begins with an E, and the fourth word begins with a S. 
  2. The following is a list of the endings of the words: The letter 1 ends with R, the letter 2 ends with Y, the letter 3 ends with E, and the letter 4 ends with K. 
  3. Today, there are two Quordle answers that have the same letter more than once.
  4. There are no Quordle answers today that start with the same letter.
  5. Today, there are three different vowels in Quordle.
  6. Hint for word 1 (upper left): a way to find out if planes, ships, and other objects are nearby, where they are, how far away they are, and how fast they are moving by sending out pulses of radio waves that are reflected back to the source.
  7. Hint for word 2 (upper right): making foam or being made of foam; frothy.
  8. Hint for word 3 (bottom left): make someone very, very happy.
  9. Hint for word 4 (bottom right): beef of high quality that comes from the back of the animal and is usually cut into thick slices.

Qordle daily Answers

These are the solutions to the Quordle puzzle that was posted today: 

  1. RADAR
  2. FOAMY
  3. ELATE
  4. STEAK

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