Not Compatible with iPhones: Samsung Galaxy Ring Is Only Available on Android Devices

In the future, the newest Samsung Galaxy Ring will work with all Android phones. It will not just work with Samsung phones like a Galaxy Watch does. The new wearable health tracker would work with all Android smartphones, but not with Apple’s iPhones, the company just recently announced. Samsung also provided information on other connection options, compatibility, and technical specifications, as well as how it will integrate with other wearables to complete the health tracking experience.

During the last few days, Samsung has been interviewed a lot, which has revealed more about the Galaxy Ring and what it can do for the world. One of the many things that was revealed is that the new wearable will work with all Android devices. At first, it seemed like the Galaxy Ring was only for Samsung devices, but the South Korean tech giant made it clear that it works with all Android phones.

Samsung’s Aim to Expand Galaxy Smart Ring Compatibility

The smart ring will be available in the second half of the year, according to the company. According to a recent online report, Samsung may launch the Galaxy Smart Ring in July at the company’s next Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung has confirmed more details about the yet-to-be-launched Galaxy Smart Ring. Samsung told CNET that the Galaxy Ring and the Galaxy Watch can work together without any problems. This means that they can share metrics based on their respective strengths or combine their data for better results. This feature looks like it would be very useful. 

Samsung is also working on making sure that the Galaxy Smart Ring works with smartphones that are not made by Samsung, the company said. But it looks like iPhone owners might not have the same choice. Hon. Pak of Samsung said, “We ultimately hope that our devices are of such caliber that people will be willing to switch.” This means that the company wants the Ring to be appealing enough to get people to switch. By doing so, Samsung is enhancing the connectivity options for future Android devices in addition to its own Galaxy smartphone line. Before the Galaxy Ring came out, it was not clear if it would only work with Galaxy devices at first or if it would work with all Android devices when it came out. Reports said, though, that it sounded like the Galaxy Ring would only work with Android phones and not with iPhones. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring’s Features and Specifications

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring will come in different sizes. The smallest ones will use a 14 mAh battery, and the biggest ones will use a 21.5 mAh unit. These should last for 5 to 9 days on a single charge. It will weigh only around 2.3 to 2.9 grams. Along with the Galaxy Watch, it would be able to use the metrics from both devices to give its users information on apps that are compatible and can log this information.

The Galaxy Ring was announced by Samsung at its Galaxy Unpacked event, but it was right at the end of the event, when everything was over. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy AI were the event’s main attractions, but the new wearable ring stole the show with its sneak peek of a new way to connect health trackers and smart devices. Samsung brought the new shape for health wearables to Mobile World Congress 2024 earlier this week. This is the first chance to see the Galaxy Ring in person since Unpacked. Samsung also talked about the Galaxy Ring at the event in Barcelona. They talked about what it can do and how it can track your health.

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