New features added by Apple News for the US Election of 2024

New features added by Apple News for the US Election of 2024

Apple News has begun offering support for Live Activities on iPhones that are operating on the most recent version of iOS, which is 16.  Users are able to experience real-time updates directly on their lock screen or in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models. This feature is available on the iPhone 14 Pro. Through this feature, users are able to follow particular election-related stories and watch the excitement unfold before their very eyes. 

The dedicated section for Election 2024 has been improved with new personalisation options, which enable users to select their preferred news sources, topics, candidates, and even region-specific coverage in order to populate the “For You” section with stories that are specifically tailored to them.

Apple News+ subscribers and Apple One Premier members can access audio versions of articles directly within the app, which is convenient for those who prefer to listen to an audio version of the content. Additionally, there is a daily podcast called Apple News Today that provides a concise summary of the most important stories in the format of ten minutes. There is a dedicated feed called Apple News Narrated, which will read selected articles out loud.  Additional election-related features may continue to be added to the app, even though there are still months left.

Apple faces competition from a number of other companies in the market for news apps, all of which will be vying for a larger share of the election traffic pie. Flipboard has a magazine-style interface for custom feeds. SmartNews uses artificial intelligence for intelligent curation; Feedly focuses specifically on RSS feeds rather than general news sources; and Pulse Reader is known for its readability and topic customisation. Google News provides personalised news that is available across multiple platforms. Although there is no competitor that can match Apple News’ integration with iOS, each of the competitors offers something for users who are looking for alternatives to news aggregation.

Apple News is now able to display information that is permanently updated directly on the lock screen or in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models due to the new Live Activities support. Through the addition of a number of new features, Apple News intends to become the most reliable source for keeping up with the upcoming presidential election in the United States, which will take place in 2024.

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