Microsoft Teams Premium lets you customize your Webcam background

Microsoft Teams Premium lets you customize your Webcam background

Microsoft has announced the launch of Decorate Your Background, a new generative background effect in Teams that enhances the fun and personal atmosphere of meetings. The feature, which uses AI to create a new image based on the foundational elements of the physical room, allows users to customize their meeting space for each call. This technology makes it easy to clean up a room, add plants virtually, or make decorations for special events more fun without having to talk to an interior designer all the time.

Introducing “Decorate Your Background” in Microsoft Teams

Decorate your background is available in the ‘Video effects’ and ‘Backgrounds’ panes and can be applied at either the pre-join screen or during a meeting. To apply “Decorate your Background,” ensure your camera is turned on, select ‘Effects and avatars,’ then select the new ‘Decorate‘ option from the ‘Video effects‘ tab. Alternatively, select the ‘More video effects’ option to open the full ‘Video effects’ pane on the right-hand side. Decorate your background is a new generative background effect that makes meetings more fun and personal by mixing real and virtual spaces. It allows users to create a unique and personalized experience for their meetings, enhancing the overall look and experience of their meetings.

Microsoft’s Focus on User-Centered Innovation

Decorate your background” makes meetings more interesting and fun by letting users make their virtual presence unique. To give it a try, talk to your IT manager about getting a Microsoft Teams Premium license. Microsoft has added new features for free Teams users, such as customizable nicknames and features that work only on Windows, iOS, and Android. They want to give a lot of people more power by giving them customized features across many platforms. Microsoft is actively asking users for feedback on how to improve and add new features to its products. This shows that the company is committed to making sure that product development is in line with what users want and need.

Setting up User’s privacy issues

Microsoft is looking into adding more features to Teams besides “Decorate Your Background.” However, as Microsoft continues to come up with new ideas, it also has to deal with possible privacy issues. A new patent from Microsoft suggests making an AI system that can track people’s attention during meetings. Even though the goal is to make people more productive, this feature raises ethical and privacy concerns, which makes it even more important to think carefully about them and talk about them openly.

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