LineageOS 21

LineageOS 21 Review: Reviving Your Old Phone with Android 14

LineageOS, a popular third-party ROM, has made a comeback with LineageOS 21, now based on Android 14. This update brings a plethora of new features and improvements, making it a tempting choice for users looking to extend the lifespan of their older devices.

Extended Lifespan: One of the key advantages of LineageOS 21 is its ability to breathe new life into older phones. While many manufacturers offer limited support for older devices, LineageOS ensures that even aging smartphones can receive regular updates and security patches, without any extra cost.

Material You Design: LineageOS 21 emphasizes Google’s Material You design language, offering cleaner applications and a more cohesive user experience. From boot animations to Quick Settings panel, everything feels refreshed and modern.

Enhanced Functionality: This update brings several enhancements to core functions and features. The device setup process is faster and more streamlined, while apps like Calculator and Gallery2 have received facelifts to match the Material You stylings. The Aperture camera app also gets notable upgrades, including support for HDR video recording and improved QR code scanning.

Improved Performance: Despite running on older hardware, LineageOS 21 generally delivers better performance compared to stock ROMs. While individual experiences may vary, users can expect smoother operation and fewer slowdowns, making it a viable option for prolonging the usability of their devices.

Simple Installation: Installing LineageOS 21 is straightforward, especially for users with supported handsets already running an official build of the ROM. The process does not require a device wipe, ensuring that important data remains intact.

Considerations for Older Devices: While LineageOS 21 offers many benefits, users with older devices should be aware of potential limitations. Optimization may not always be possible, and there could be compatibility issues with certain features. However, for those willing to explore custom ROMs, LineageOS 21 provides a compelling option.


Overall, LineageOS 21 is a noteworthy update that breathes new life into older smartphones. With its focus on longevity, customization, and performance improvements, it offers a compelling alternative to stock ROMs. Whether you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your device or simply enjoy a more streamlined user experience, LineageOS 21 is definitely worth considering.

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