Learnable.AI: Where AI Takes the Grade in China’s High-Stakes Gaokao

Learnable.AI: Where AI Takes the Grade in China’s High-Stakes Gaokao

Learnable.AI is a company dedicated to discovering truths through observation, upholding fundamental values, and assisting people in leading better lives through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). It is starting a groundbreaking project to change the way the country’s annual college entrance exams, or “gaokao,” are graded. The company is trying to get a large amount of money, approximately seventy million dollars, to speed up the development of its artificial intelligence technology and reach its goal of making the marking process more accurate and streamlined.

Changing the Gaokao grade system 

There are millions of students who take part in China’s gaokao examination every year. This examination is rigorous and has high stakes, and it has the potential to significantly impact the future of these students. A significant portion of the current grading process, which is comprised of thousands of human evaluators, frequently lasts for several weeks. Guan Wang, Chairman of Learnable.ai, has a vision for the future in which this timeframe will be drastically reduced to less than a day. This ambitious goal is based on the capabilities of their artificial intelligence technology, which can quickly create grading standards and compile assessments in a matter of hours.

Excellent Support and Results

Wang, a prominent figure in artificial intelligence research and director of the Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, has previously secured a substantial fourteen million dollars for the startup, pitching it at a substantial two hundred million dollar valuation. Additionally, the company has been successful in securing the support of Richard Li, a billionaire financier. In a number of Chinese provinces, the startup is currently testing its artificial intelligence model as a support tool, and the results are impressive. The ability of artificial intelligence to decipher even the most illegible handwriting has allowed it to demonstrate a higher level of accuracy than human grading.

Resolving Inequality in Education

The gaokao is not the only target that Learnable.AI intends to expand its reach to. A consumer app called Dakaotong is currently being developed by the company for students in grades K–12. This app will mark mock examinations and provide individualised feedback. Learnable.ai’s goal is to make education more accessible to all people, particularly in rural areas, and this move is representative of that goal. The goal of the startup is to reduce the existing disparity in educational opportunities and to democratize access to education by utilizing artificial intelligence and mobile technology.

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