Google updates Responsive Search Ad assets in important ways

Google updates Responsive Search Ad assets in important ways

Google has made significant changes to the way it manages and creates Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). It does this by using AI to guess which features will improve campaign performance. RSAs will be easier and more flexible for advertisers to manage with these changes, which should help them make ads that are more targeted and have a bigger impact. Being able to link multiple headlines and descriptions to a campaign makes it easier to change things and test them. Google has made it possible for advertisers to use AI technology to improve the performance of their ads in real time by adding account-level automated assets.

Strategic Asset Pinning and Combinations Report

Advertisers can use the headline update feature to show a single headline when it is expected to do well. Headlines can also show up at the start of description lines. If you pin an asset to a certain spot, it will stay there, and advertisers can look at the combinations report to see how often one headline or a headline at the beginning of a description line appears. At the campaign level, advertisers can link up to three headlines and two descriptions, and they can put them in any order they want. 

This gives advertisers the freedom to try out different combinations and placements to find the best ad format. Real-time optimization of ad performance also lets advertisers quickly adapt and make changes based on the information and data gathered. More generally, this technology gives advertisers the tools they need to make ads that are more powerful, interesting, and effective.

Real-Time Optimization for Ad Performance

Advertisers can choose to use Google AI to create AI-powered assets like dynamic images, sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets. Google AI-generated assets will replace manually created assets when they are predicted to enhance performance, allowing advertisers to take advantage of Google’s AI capabilities to create more relevant and personalized assets for their RSAs. By choosing to use account-level automated assets, advertisers can save time and effort that would have been spent creating and updating their assets by hand. Also, because Google AI is predictive, it means that replaced assets are more likely to make the ads perform better overall, which means better results for advertisers.

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