Week’s Major Announcement: Google Set to Unveil Gemini Ultra and Rebrand Bard 

Week’s Major Announcement: Google Set to Unveil Gemini Ultra and Rebrand Bard 

A new set of capabilities and a new identity are going to be added to Google’s Bard chatbot, which was first introduced a year ago. There will be a dedicated Android app and a paid subscription service for advanced AI features, according to a new changelog that is expected to be made public on February 7. Additionally, the Bard AI will be renamed Gemini.

The rebranding of Google Bard

It has been decided to rebrand Google Bard as Gemini, which is the name of the language learning model (LLM) that is responsible for powering the artificial intelligence assistant. Google’s dedication to providing direct access to Google AI to all users across all supported countries and languages is reflected in the new name, which was chosen to best represent this commitment. Users will be able to gain access to the most powerful Google AI model, Gemini Ultra, through the Gemini Advanced subscription tier, which is explained in the changelog. People who want to use ChatGPT Plus, which is powered by the most recent generative AI model, will be required to pay a fee. This approach is comparable to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is available for free.

Gemini Ultra 1.0

The renaming of Bard to Gemini may cause confusion between the model and the service. Gemini Advanced is a paid-for version of the chatbot that incorporates the latest updates and capabilities of Gemini Utra 1.0, an AI model. It is optimized for the English language but can respond to queries in other languages supported by Gemini and will be available to paid users. It excels in coding, logical reasoning, nuanced instructions, and creative tasks like image generation or storytelling.

Over one hundred fifty countries and territories will be able to gain access to it. Gemini, a specialized Android application, will also be available alongside Google Bard. This application will be able to integrate with other Google applications, such as YouTube, Gmail, and Maps. The application will initially be accessible in English and the United States, and it will eventually expand its support to include Japanese, Korean, and English at a global level. Users of the iOS operating system will be required to access Gemini through the Google app.

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