Google Meet introduces three features

Google Meet introduces three features: Learn how AI will improve the call experience

Google Meet has recently introduced three new features that promise to make video calls more interesting and personalized. The new features are already going out, and they are expected to provide a more dynamic experience for everyone. 

The first feature, Multiple Video Effects, allows users to choose from a wide range of video effects that can be applied on both the web and mobile devices. Users can combine these with filter effects to create a dynamic and entertaining environment during calls. There is a new layer icon on your self-view tile, which will help you keep track of the effects being used. One or more effects can be easily removed at the same time. Another exciting feature is the real-time collaboration tool, which allows users to collaborate on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets during the meeting. This feature not only enhances productivity but also removes the need for multiple applications or tabs to open during the call. Meet now offers an improved screen sharing experience, with the ability to share specific windows or applications rather than the entire screen. This ensures better privacy and focused sharing of content. With these new additions, Meet is becoming a comprehensive and powerful platform for remote communication and collaboration.

The second feature, Creating the Professional Look With Studio Lighting, introduces studio lighting on the web. This feature allows one to simulate studio-quality lighting, giving them control over lighting position, brightness, and colour to ensure they look their best. Especially, an approved device is required for this feature’s first launch. This feature will be particularly useful for professionals who frequently participate in video meetings and want to present their company in the best possible light. Meet is also introducing a new feature called noise cancellation. With this feature, background noises such as barking dogs or construction sounds can be filtered out, providing a more focused and distraction-free meeting experience. These new additions further enhance the usability and flexibility of Meet, making it a top choice for remote communication and collaboration. 

The third feature, Audio Quality Enhanced With Studio Sound, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate higher audio frequencies, thereby improving audio quality from typical Bluetooth headsets and dial-in participants. It is now available for meetings over the phone and the web. In the upcoming weeks, it is expected to also support the Meet app on mobile devices. With this new feature, participants using Bluetooth headsets or dialing into the meeting will experience clearer and more immersive audio, allowing for better communication and understanding. The integration of AI technology into Meet showcases the commitment to constantly improving the user experience and ensuring that remote communication is smooth and efficient. As the mobile Meet app is set to support this feature soon, users can look forward to enjoying enhanced audio quality on-the-go, further establishing Meet as a top choice for remote communication and collaboration.

These features are expected to make online meetings more engaging and productive than ever before. From screen sharing and whiteboarding capabilities to interactive chat functions and private rooms, Google Meet has got you covered. The new features use technologies like Google AI to improve meeting quality and the user experience, and they will gradually roll out to customers globally, beginning today. So why wait? Sign up for Google Meet today and experience the future of video calling!

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