GM Recalls 820,000 Trucks Due to Faulty Tailgates

General Motors is calling back about 820,000 of their pickup trucks. This is because there’s a problem with the part that keeps the back gate closed. It might open on its own.

The trucks that have this problem are some Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra from the years 2020 to 2024. Water can get into a part of the back gate and cause it to open. This could let stuff in the back fall out.

General Motors found out about 136 times this happened when the trucks were driving. But they say the gate only opens when the truck is stopped. It looks like people are driving away without knowing the gate is open. There were a few times things got damaged or someone got a small injury because of this.

They’re telling truck owners to make sure the back gate is really closed before they go anywhere. Starting March 18, General Motors will tell people if their truck needs to be fixed. They will change a part of the gate to one that doesn’t let water in as easily.

This recall is for more than 570,000 trucks in the U.S. and about 249,000 in Canada.

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