Get 50 Cents Off Gas at GetGo – Limited Time Offer!

GetGo Offers 50 Cent Fuel Discount for MyPerks Members from March 7-10 for Daylight Saving Time. GetGo is giving a special fuel discount to celebrate daylight saving time. MyPerks Pay members get 50 cents off each gallon of gas from March 7 to March 10. To get this deal, members need to use certain ways to pay.

Deal Just for MyPerks Members At GetGo

This special deal is for people who use MyPerks Pay Direct, the MyPerks Pay Rewards Visa Credit Card, or AdvantagePay. It’s a way for GetGo to give a thumbs up to daylight saving time and help customers save money. The deal is good for all types of gas, so all drivers can save.

How to Get the Deal

If you’re not in the MyPerks Pay program yet, it’s easy to join and get the discount. You can sign up for MyPerks Pay Direct or get the MyPerks Pay Rewards Visa Credit Card quickly. This makes sure more people can enjoy the savings during daylight saving time.

Saving Money with Daylight Saving

This deal shows GetGo wants to give good value to customers when seasons change. By offering this discount at the start of daylight saving time, GetGo is helping cut down gas costs. This move is all about keeping customers happy and coming back.

As we get ready for longer days and spring, GetGo’s gas discount is a nice way to celebrate. The discount is only for a short time, but it’s a big help for people looking to save on gas. So, when we move our clocks forward, GetGo customers can also look forward to saving money on gas.

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