Exyn Nexys: Redefining Mapping with 3D Lidar and Self-Driving Robots

Exyn Nexys: Redefining Mapping with 3D Lidar and Self-Driving Robots

The Exyn Nexys, a new 3D mapping solution from Exyn Technologies, is set to change the way mapping and surveying are done in fields like mining, construction, geospatial, and architecture. The innovative gadget is made to be portable, so it can be used on drones, ground robots, vehicles, and backpacks, among other things. It uses advanced LiDAR technology and computer vision algorithms to make 3D maps that are very accurate and detailed in real time. This means that humans don’t have to manually navigate difficult environments.

Portability and Compatibility

The Nexys’s unique modular design allows it to map diverse environments, from complex indoor layouts to intricate outdoor settings. Its state-of-the-art lidar scanner and Exyn’s proprietary SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms enable it to capture data at exceptional speeds of up to 1.9 million scan points per second with survey-grade accuracy up to 5mm 1 sigma. Real-time point cloud colorization makes it easy to process and analyze data quickly.

One amazing thing about the Nexys is that it can navigate itself through places where GPS isn’t available. This is called Autonomy Level 4, and it lets the system explore and map difficult areas without any help from a person. This feature is enabled by Exyn’s proprietary exynAI software and exynCORE autonomy engine, which integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.

GPS-Free Exploration

Nexys can handle rough environments and keep working even when things get really bad because it was made to meet IP67 standards. As a result, it is very useful for businesses that need accurate mapping and surveying data in tough environments.

The Exyn Nexys is a big step forward in the development of self-driving robots, and it could change the way mapping and surveying are done in many different industries. With its modular design, cutting-edge lidar technology, and smart self-navigation, the Exyn Nexys is ready to meet the growing demand for advanced mapping technologies that can work in a wide range of settings.

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