Earn $10,000 by Surrendering Your Phone for an Entire Month

Earn $10,000 by Surrendering Your Phone for an Entire Month

Siggi’s Dairy, a New York-based company known for its Icelandic skyr dairy, is offering $10,000 to people who can give up their smartphones for a month. Legal residents of the US who are at least 18 years old and can connect to the internet can enter the contest. To enter, participants must write an essay between 100 and 500 words explaining why they need a digital detox and how it aligns with Siggi’s philosophy that “living simple and less sets you free.”

After scoring the essays, 10 winners will be picked. The scores will be determined by how clearly the essay shows how the participant will use the time during the digital detox to live a simpler life, understanding that ‘less sets you free’ also means less time spent on smartphones could lead to a more rewarding and free life. There will be one more 20% that is based on creativity and originality, and the last 10% is based on “authentic expression in the essay of commitment to the challenge.”

Eligibility and Entry: Who Can Participate?

All 10 winners will get a check for $10,000, a lockbox to keep their smartphone during the month, a “dumb” phone to use in the interim with a SIM card and a monthly prepaid talk-and-text plan, and three months’ worth of Siggi’s dairy. To cut down on their screen time, some smartphone users have switched to “dumb” phones that can only make calls and send texts. Not only will these winners get money, they will also get the tools they need to make the switch from a smartphone to a “dumb” phone easier. 

A lockbox shows how serious the challenge is, making sure that people are fully committed to spending less time in front of a screen. The three months’ supply of Siggi’s dairy serves as a healthy and nutritious alternative to the digital world, promoting overall well-being during the challenge. The rising popularity of “dumb” phones shows that people are worried about spending too much time in front of screens and want to get back to a more balanced lifestyle.

Siggi’s Commitment to Simplicity: Past Contests

Siggi’s has had other contests centered on living simpler, such as hiring Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr in 2022, which came with $50,000 to move to Iceland and take up a four-day workweek. These contests reflect Siggi’s commitment to promoting a balanced lifestyle and encouraging individuals to disconnect from technology. The fact that there is a lockbox and a prepaid talk-and-text plan shows that the company knows how tempting and addicting smartphones can be. By providing participants with a “dumb” phone and a supply of Siggi’s dairy, winners are not only given the tools to limit their screen time but also the opportunity to adopt healthier habits and enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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