ByteDance-Shows-Off-Coze-Making-AI-Bot-Creation-More-Open to-Everyone

ByteDance Shows Off Coze: Making AI Bot Creation More Open to Everyone

ByteDance Shows Off Coze: Making AI Bot Creation More Open to Everyone

ByteDance, a major tech company, released this AI bot development platform, Coze, to the global market. By integrating with apps like Feishu, WeChat Official Accounts, and Dou Bao, Coze hopes to make AI chatbot creation easy and flexible for both businesses and individuals. The popularity of generative AI tools like ChatGPT is driving ByteDance’s strategy to shift its focus to AI.

Coze’s Role in Shaping the Next Generation of AI Chatbots

Coze has many plugins, a large data source for managing and storing data, the ability for conversations to persist in memory, and a flexible workflow design. The ability to create custom plugins also enhances the user experience. Coze is more than just a development platform; it is also a way to make AI more accessible so that everyone can use its power in the future.

Coze’s Integration with 60+ Plugins for Enhanced Functionality

ByteDance has given Coze access to the international market. Coze is an application development platform designed for making the next generation of AI chatbots. The platform lets users quickly make different kinds of chatbots, which can then be shared on social media sites like Discord, Telegram, and its own Cici platform. Since AI robots are able to connect to the internet, making one is a very simple process. Coze currently works with more than 60 different kinds of plugins, such as APIs and multimodal models for reading news, traveling, getting work done faster, and understanding images.

Coze’s Easy-to-Use Knowledge Base and Database Memory Features

To let AI work with the user’s own data, Coze also has an easy-to-use knowledge base feature. In the knowledge base, users can store and organize data, such as hundreds of thousands of words in a PDF or real-time data from a website. Coze has a database memory feature that makes AI interactions easier.

ByteDance is quickly making a name for itself in the field of generative AI with its self-made large-scale model Skylark (Yun Que) and a set of AI chatbots called Dou Bao, Cici, and ChitChop. To make sure they have a piece of the global market, other Chinese tech companies are also putting out AI products in other countries.

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