Backblaze Launches Enhanced Enterprise Solutions

Backblaze Launches Enhanced Enterprise Solutions for Superior Endpoint Backup

Secure and dependable backups are essential for organizations of every kind and size. The data of an organisation’s OOT computer users, whether there are three or three hundred of them, should be protected by the business.

Modern companies are changing the way they work, which brings about new problems when it comes to making sure that data assets can be accessed safely and securely. Larger companies have IT departments that are trained to handle these kinds of needs. However, the office managers in smaller and newer companies often have to deal with them, and they might not be ready or knowledgeable enough to handle an environment that is changing quickly.

Organizations of all sizes, whether they are small or large, local or global, for-profit or non-profit, need an endpoint backup solution that adapts to the ways that businesses work today.

The services offered by Backblaze make it very easy to store, access, and protect data. The Backblaze Storage Cloud is a platform that lets businesses, developers, IT professionals, and even regular people build apps, host content, manage backups for media, and store data. It takes care of more than three billion gigabytes of data for more than 500,000 clients in more than 175 countries right now.

Enhanced Enterprises Backup Solutions with Backblaze  


Backblaze Computer Backup has over 400 thousand customers. It has been called “The Best Online Cloud Basker Up Service” by The New York Times’ Wirecutter. It is one of the most popular backup services for both businesses and individuals.

Businesses love Backblaze Computer Backup because it offers unlimited backups, a version history that lasts one year, and a simple, low annual price. Enterprise Control adds the advanced administration tools that large companies need to keep workstations safe and up to date with cybersecurity regulations.

Features and Benefits

Backblaze Computer Backup with Enterprise Controls features and benefits include:

Fine-Grained Permissions: It gives administrators precise control over who can see the data of group members for business operations. This includes a member being able to delete his backups, an administrator being able to delete members’ backups, and an administrator giving a member the right to restore his data.

Advanced Single Sign-On: OIDC is configurable by admins. Provides support to external IDP services that comply with OIDC standards such as Okta and Azure Active Directory.

Group Management Controls: Control of members leaving a group and taking data, allowing for manually restoring hard drives or snapshot hard drives without permissions with an option to hide the client update through the desktop application.

Compliance Support: Businesses that are compelled to spend more on controls because of compliance, cyber insurance coverage, or heightened RPO and RTO requirements enjoy these benefits.

If the enterprises are backed by a suitable backup solution and strategy, their data will be protected from an accident or theft all because the spread of their employees at different locations may vary.

Through Backblaze for Business, organizations can achieve an economical solution that allows them to fulfill the 21st-century demands of ever-changing data requirements in today’s enterprise.

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