Argoid AI and Bitcentral’s ViewNexa™ Collaborate to Improve and Personalize Streaming Experiences for Customers

Bitcentral, a leader in new media solutions, has joined forces with Argoid AI, a pioneer in AI-driven recommendations, to change the way over-the-top (OTT) streaming works. Award-winning Bitcentral’s ViewNexaTM solution will use a cutting-edge AI-powered recommendation engine to provide customers with more individualized and engaging viewing experiences that will aid the company in expanding and making more money. This partnership is a big step toward customizing viewing experiences. It will likely make audiences more interested and give content creators new ways to make money.

Central to this partnership is Bitcentral’s ViewNexaTM, a multi-award-winning tool for content owners who want to offer and make money from broadcast-quality experiences. ViewNexaTM will offer viewing experiences that are more personalized than ever before after Argoid AI’s recommendation engine is added. ViewNexa customers can use Argoid AI to customize their audiences’ viewing experiences, reducing drop-off and increasing average session times across platforms. 

ViewNexa and Argoid AI Partnership

This engine uses advanced AI algorithms to figure out what each viewer likes and how they usually behave. This makes sure that viewers see content that is relevant to them. This method not only makes viewers happier, but it also solves the problem of too many options that affect the whole industry. Customers can use powerful OTT streaming and AI features that adapt to their own tastes and habits. This gets rid of the problem of “choice overload” by creating an immersive experience that makes it easier to choose what to watch. 

Argoid AI co-founder and CEO Gokul Muralidharan says the partnership is a big deal. He said, “Argoid builds a deep understanding of each customer to auto-deliver the most relevant recommendations.” He was focusing on how hyper-personalized media content could help OTT companies keep customers. General Manager of ViewNexa Greg Morrow agreed with this and stressed how important AI-driven suggestions are for driving business growth and ensuring long-term success in the competitive media landscape.

Gregory Morrow said, “As over-the-top (OTT) becomes more popular and more media companies start streaming their content to get viewers’ attention, combining an AI-based recommendation engine with smart words is essential for making viewers happier.” We are excited to work together with Argoid AI and give our customers more tools to get their audiences more involved. People are happier because they do not have to waste time looking for the right content at the right time. This means that people can watch more content at once. Media companies are getting more attention from viewers and growing their businesses faster than ever before with Argoid AI.

A Look at OTT Streaming’s Future

Working together with Bitcentral and Argoid AI is a big step forward in the history of over-the-top (OTT) streaming. It shows that more and more people are realizing how AI can change the viewing experience and how personalized content suggestions could shape the future of the industry. Offering personalized, interesting content will become more important as the number of OTT platforms grows. This collaboration not only creates a new standard for customized viewing experiences, but it also marks the start of a larger movement toward smarter, viewer-centered media delivery models. This could lead to AI-driven suggestions being the norm in the future, making it easier for people to connect with content in a more dynamic and interesting way.

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