Apple May Launch Unnamed Foldable Phone in 2026: An iPad mini Replacement

Apple May Launch Unnamed Foldable Phone in 2026: An iPad mini Replacement

Apple may launch its first foldable phone between the years 2026 and 2027, according to industry insiders reporting from Korea. There is a possibility that the iPad mini will be replaced by the device, which is anticipated to have an internal display that is between seven and eight inches in size. The precise characteristics and capabilities of the device, on the other hand, are still in the process of being developed. It is currently unknown when exactly the device will be released.

Rumors Swirl Around Apple’s Next-Gen iPad Mini

There are rumors that Apple is conducting tests on a next-generation iPad mini that will have an OLED display. This raises questions about the future of the iPad mini, particularly if a foldable model is on the horizon. OLED displays are going to be incorporated into Apple’s iPad Pro series later this year, and the company anticipates that an iPad mini equipped with OLED displays will be released the following year. Samsung Display and LG Display have provided samples of foldable screen panels in the 6″ and 7″ size ranges, which suggests that Apple is considering making its first foldable device significantly larger than its predecessor.

OLED Displays and Potential Leap into Foldable Technology

Given the extensive experience that Samsung Display has in supplying foldable panels to Samsung Electronics, it is anticipated that Apple will place panel orders with Samsung Display first. After the decision has been made regarding mass production, it is anticipated that Samsung will develop the foldable panel in the sixth generation A3 or A4 OLED line, which is the same line that it uses to manufacture OLED panels for Apple’s iPhones. If Apple decides to go with a two-supplier strategy, LG Display is anticipated to start mass production of foldable panels for customers one year after Samsung. Apple may introduce a foldable product with a 20.25-inch screen around the year 2028. This product could be a branded iPad or Mac, and the foldable screen on the inside would measure 20.25 inches. 

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