AI-Powered Telecom Innovation: Tecnotree and Umniah Redefine Customer Engagement

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) telecom industry will be changed forever by the partnership between Tecnotree and Umniah. The partnership aims to improve net promoter score, customer relationship management, user retention, and average revenue per user in the telecom industry. AI, 5G, and cloud-native technologies will be used by the partnership to change the way telecom customers experience things. The main goal of the partnership is to improve Umniah’s customer relationship management (CRM) system by adding Tecnotree’s Sensa Intelligence platform. This will lead to a higher net promoter score, lower customer turnover, and higher average revenue per user.

The Future of Telecom Customer Experience

Tecnotree and Umniah are collaborating to transform telecom customer engagement. Umniah, which has up to 3 million subscribers, plans to implement AI across its business workflows using the full BSS stack and the Tecnotree Sensa Intelligence platform. This strategic move is expected to improve Umniah’s ability to deliver a reactive and predictive customer experience. According to CEO Faisal Qamhiyah, this advanced CX platform is a game changer in meeting the expectations of the digital age.

A Partnership Built on Progress and Innovation

Tecnotree has partnered with Umniah, marking the company’s second significant achievement in AI and machine learning-driven customer experience applications. The partnership aims to redefine digital experiences using the Digital BSS and Sensa AIML fabric, demonstrating Tecnotree’s commitment to AI for business differentiation and superior customer experiences. The use of Tecnotree Sensa AI-embedded BSS applications facilitates the AI development lifecycle, resulting in faster product value realization and unified solutions across all applications.

Things to Come: Difficulties and Possibilities

Tecnotree and Umniah are collaborating to integrate AI into existing telecom systems, which necessitates careful planning and continuous improvement. The potential benefits of this collaboration could establish a new standard in the telecom industry, encouraging others to use AI to improve customer experiences. It also enables B2B2X cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, presenting growth and innovation opportunities in the MENA region. The success of this partnership has the potential to start in a new era of AI in telecom, transforming customer experiences and setting new standards for technological innovation and strategic partnerships.

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