5 Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2024

The use of camera straps can be a source of discomfort and may even result in accidents if they are not properly secured. A 3 point slinger is a popular choice for a secure attachment and is simple to use. It supports the camera’s weight on the shoulder, allowing users to keep their hands free and providing a comfortable solution for photographers. Investing in a good camera strap, especially a 3 point slinger or sling strap, is crucial for both seasoned and new hobbyists. A reliable strap allows for comfortable carrying and performance without worrying about the camera’s safety. Stock straps may still work, but they may not provide the same level of security and comfort. A good sling strap distributes the camera’s weight more evenly across the body, allowing for longer working hours. A 3 point slinger also adds an extra underarm strap for extra comfort and support. Choosing the right strap is difficult, as different straps cater to different needs. Here we will discuss our five favorite 3 point slingers for 2024.

How to select the best Slinger for camera?

When purchasing a camera accessory, consider factors such as camera type, comfort, security, adaptability, and design. The camera should be compatible with the slinger, which securely holds your gear. For multiple devices, look for universal variants or products that allow multiple devices to be carried at once. The 3 point slinger is ideal for carrying cameras comfortably due to its padded straps and weight distribution, allowing freedom of movement and quick access. Adaptability is crucial, so check if the accessory is suitable for your height, capacity, and ability to carry multiple items at once. Design is also important, with options like neutral black and white or unique designs. Choose materials like nylon or leather, considering functionality and appearance when choosing a product.

Five Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera User

Cotton Carriers Skout G2

The Cotton Carrier Skout G2 is a 3 point slinger that attaches your camera to a padded chest piece, which has a slot for the camera’s base plate. The base plate is securely bolted to the tripod thread with a hexagonal bolt, allowing you to twist and slide the camera off the chest piece for photo-taking. The system also features a security strap and various accessories, such as a lens pouch and a quick-release tripod mount. The camera can also be attached to a waist belt using the same base plate. Despite its ingenious design, the Cotton Carrier Skout G2 is not cheap, but it has impressed users with its safety and ease of deployment.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Sling

BlackRapid, a pioneer in camera slings and 3 point slingers, offers the BlackRapid Sport, a durable and comfortable option for professional photographers and enthusiasts. The Sport features an adjustable strap with a breathable shoulder pad, an underarm stabilizer, and bumpers for stability. The curved pad is made from nylon mono mesh, TPE foam, polyester, and air mesh and comes with a FastR camera base plate attachment and a ConnectR swivel locking carabiner with LockStar. The strap comes with a black mesh bag.

The review from experts and users praises the BlackRapid Sport for its durability, breathable shoulder pad, secure swivel locking carabiner, good strap length adjustment, and high-quality materials. However, it lacks built-in storage compartments, cannot adjust strap length while wearing, and the safety strap clasp does not click smoothly. Overall, the BlackRapid Sport is a top choice for those seeking a reliable and comfortable camera sling.

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

The Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap and its sister, the Peak Design Slide, are versatile and feature-packed sling straps designed for lightweight and mirrorless cameras. The Slide Lite features an engineered nylon webbing strap with a gripping finish on one side and smooth on the other side, allowing the camera to slide into the shooting position. It also has quick adjusters for easy length adjustments and camera range of motion.

The main highlight of the Slide Lite is its Anchor Link system, which allows for secure carrying of the camera in various ways. It connects to the camera at three different points, providing extra security and making it easy to move the strap from sling style to around the neck. This makes it ideal for photographers using various shooting styles.

The Slide Lite is compact and lightweight, but it offers a high-durability strap with buckles and adjuster handles. It is lightweight and comfortable, easy to use, and has a classy, minimalist style. However, some users have complained about anchor loops being annoying when raising the camera to take pictures, anchor connectors scratching up the camera, and the shoulder strap moving when sliding the camera into the shooting position.

Foto&Tech 3 point slinger for Camera

The Foto&Tech 3 point slinger does not come with any surprises. The fact that it is rated at 660 pounds (300 kilograms) indicates that it will be sturdy enough to support your camera. Using a carabiner that can be locked and that is attached to the safety strap, the safety strap can be connected. This is a reassuring feature.

On the other hand, the camera attachment is nothing more than a straightforward screw-in eyelet. So, in order to use a tripod, you will need to take it off. Additionally, a snap hook is used to connect the strap to the anchor. Here, there is no carabiner that can be locked. It does not have a pocket, but it does have a clip that can hold a pen. For the right photographer, the Foto&Tech sling might prove to be the perfect accessory. 

OP/TECH USA 1001001 Super Classic Combo

The Super Classic Combo is a versatile kit that was designed for photography in environmental and natural settings as well as in a variety of shooting conditions. For your convenience, it comes with a wrist strap, a sling strap that has a neoprene shoulder pad, Extensions from OP/TECH USA, and Uni-Loops from OP/TECH USA. Using the kit, users are able to quickly switch between a variety of different carrying styles. The Super Classic Combo is exceptionally long-lasting, comfortable, and easily adaptable to meet the requirements of any shooting style and environment. It is a fantastic deal for the money, but it might not be the best option for people who do not have a bag to carry the entire kit, it might not be suitable for people with larger body types, and it does not have a storage compartment that is built in. All things considered, the Super Classic Combo comes highly recommended for those who are interested in taking photographs outside.

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