Vernier Releases the Go Direct Force Plate, Changing the Way Kinesthetic Learning Is Done

Vernier Releases the Go Direct Force Plate, Changing the Way Kinesthetic Learning Is Done

The Go Direct Force Plate from Vernier Science Education is a brand-new wireless device for collecting high-quality force data. The creative tool records human-scale forces like stepping, jumping, and more in order to promote active learning and scientific interest in middle school, high school, and college students. It is strong and of high quality, and it has extra channels for finding out hang time and jump height. It also samples quickly and can connect wirelessly.

Unveiling the Power of Go Direct Force Plate

The Go Direct Force Plate is adaptable and reliable, connecting to students’ mobile devices, Chromebooks, or computers via Bluetooth wireless technology or USB. It comes with a rechargeable battery for wireless use and is backed by Vernier’s product warranty and customer support. The Go Direct Force Plate is a testament to Vernier’s commitment to delivering reliable STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education solutions.

There are a lot more forces that the new Go Direct Force Plate can handle and measure than the Dual-Range Force or Go Direct Force and Acceleration sensors. Students can test each other’s hang time or even the ability to move a stationary car, adding to their understanding of phenomena. The plate has extra channels for measuring hang time and jump height when jumping on it, which makes it better at measuring the forces of human-scale activities.

Go Direct Force Plate and Vernier’s Educational Ecosystem

Like all Go Direct technologies, the Go Direct Force Plate connects directly to each student’s mobile device, Chromebook, or computer using the Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro app. Students and teachers can pick the method that works best for their classroom or lab by choosing between wired USB or wireless Bluetooth technology. The battery in the Go Direct Force Plate can be charged so that the sensor is always ready to use when it is being used wirelessly.

Vernier’s Vision for STEM Education

For over 40 years, Vernier Science Education has worked hard to make the best and most reliable STEM education products. Hardware, software, content, assessment, professional development, and technical support are all part of their complete solutions. They want to create a world where students learn about STEM subjects so that they can become knowledgeable citizens who can solve problems, help their communities, and lead innovation.

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