Taggd Launches TA Super 10 Program to Recognize Top Recruitment Professionals in India

Taggd Launches TA Super 10 Program to Recognize Top Recruitment Professionals in India

Taggd is a digital company that has been around for 15 years. They have started an annual program called TA Super 10 to honor India’s top 10 recruitment professionals. The program focuses on 14 industries, such as technology, engineering, and automotive, to show off the experts who are changing the way companies hire people. Taggd is changing the way companies hire people by combining data and human knowledge, under the leadership of CEO Devashish Sharma. The program creates a private community for well-known professionals and gives them chances to keep growing and have custom experiences. It raises the profile of India’s top recruitment professionals and the industry as a whole through Taggd’s TA Super 10 program, which recognizes and celebrates their successes.

Taggd’s TA Super 10 Initiative

Taggd wants to encourage the best minds in the field to work together and share what they know through this project. This exclusive community of acknowledged professionals can expect to benefit from curated growth opportunities, access to cutting-edge resources, and customized experiences tailored to their specific needs and aspirations. Taggd is at the forefront of changing the way people find jobs, so the future of hiring in India looks bright and full of possibilities.

Empowering Talent Acquisition Professionals

TA Super 10 members can meet other members in their field, share their knowledge, and attend networking events and workshops that are specifically designed to help them grow as professionals. This platform makes it easier for people to work together and share information, which helps recruitment professionals stay ahead in the constantly changing world of hiring people. Nominations for the TA Super 10 are open to both self-applications and recommendations from peers. By participating, recruitment professionals can gain recognition for their achievements, expand their network, and contribute to the ongoing transformation of talent acquisition.

Significance of Taggd’s TA Super 10 Program

Taggd’s TA Super 10 program is a big deal in the recruitment industry because it shows how important it is to be creative and excellent when hiring people. The event draws attention to the advancements made by recruitment specialists in altering how employers and job seekers find talent. To get around in this changing world, recruitment professionals are becoming more and more important as the lines between technology and people become less clear. Recruitment professionals do not just find and choose candidates; they are also at the forefront of using technology and building relationships to get the best people to work for their companies. 

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