Orisun Shows Off Pi.game, a Revolutionary Gaming Platform with Pi Coin Connection

Orisun Shows Off Pi.game, a Revolutionary Gaming Platform with Pi Coin Connection

Orisun, a leader in both gaming and investing, has released Pi.game, a new platform that stands out because it uses Pi Coin as its own currency and gives users a unique way to co-own the platform. Pi.game has a lot of users, which shows that it could be a big player in the crypto gaming market. There are almost 50 million people in the Pi Network community.

Pi.game’s Unique Features and Market Potential

Pi.game makes digital games more accessible by catering to both new and expert players. It also allows investors to stake funds in the Gamebank for returns based on the platform’s profits. By giving out Game NFTs, Pi.game lets Pi community managers become co-owners share in the profits, and make decisions. Innovative approaches create a community-driven space by using contests, referral programs, and daily quests to promote growth and new ideas.

Orisun’s initial DEX offering (IDO) of Pi.game NFTs will be available for purchase with Pi coin from February 5 to February 10, marking a milestone in the integration of cryptocurrency and iGaming. Orisun N.V. has already started four gaming sites and a launchpad, and Pi.game will go live around the world in February 2024. The goals of these projects are to offer a range of investment opportunities in the iGaming industry and make Orisun a well-known name in the cryptocurrency market.

Pi.game adds three “easy” pillars that change the way crypto gamers play:

  1. Easy-to-play games with simple rules that promise big wins are guaranteed to be fair.
  2. Individual investors looking for a stable income can use features that make investing easy by incorporating crypto staking into their model. Investors can stake their funds in the Gamebank, earning returns from the platform’s profits.
  3. Pi.game invites Pi community managers to become co-owners of the site through the “easy-to-own” method, allowing community managers to actively participate in shaping the platform’s trajectory and earning a share of the revenue.

Pi.game is proud to be more than just a gaming platform; it’s a thriving community-driven platform that wants to encourage growth and new ideas. The idea of “for community” is shown in many projects that aim to involve pioneers and make the ecosystem more alive.

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