Cybersecurity for SMBs: Cost-Effective Solutions for a Safer Digital Landscape

Cybersecurity for SMBs: Cost-Effective Solutions for a Safer Digital Landscape

In the digital age, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not immune to cyber threats. Something that happened recently in South Jersey showed how important it is for small and medium-sized businesses to take cybersecurity measures. Hackers were able to easily get into their network because they didn’t have a next-generation firewall or an outdated router covering it. The network was upgraded, and Intrusion Prevention System software was installed by Cyber Security Consulting Ops, a reputable cybersecurity services provider. This gives real-time protection against possible threats.

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses frequently underestimate the value of cybersecurity, viewing it as an unnecessary cost. However, this oversight can have terrible results. SMBs can improve their security in a way that doesn’t break the bank by doing things like changing the factory settings on routers and using antivirus software. But stronger steps like multifactor authentication, security awareness training, and yearly penetration tests are strongly suggested.

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (Nectec) is working on an open-source Security Operation Center (SOC) service for small manufacturing businesses. This project aims to provide low-cost cybersecurity options to lower the increased risk that comes from operational technology and information technology coming together. The manufacturing sector is especially at risk, and Thailand is ranked ninth on the list of countries that are most likely to be attacked. Ransomware attacks made up 28% of all attacks in manufacturing in 2023, and 40% of these were part of attacks on the global supply chain.

SOC Service for Manufacturing Businesses

Nectec’s SOC-as-a-service aims to be cost-effective for mid-sized organizations, especially those in the electronics and automotive sectors. It’s no longer a luxury to spend money on cybersecurity; it’s a necessity as cybercriminals target small and medium-sized businesses more and more. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can safely and confidently handle the digital world if they take the right steps. Businesses can significantly reduce their risk of being targeted by hackers by implementing proactive security measures such as regular vulnerability checks and employee training programs. By working with reputable cybersecurity companies, they can get the skills and tools they need to handle incidents and get back to normal afterward.

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