Giving Prime members a 1% deposit bonus with no limits Giving Prime members a 1% deposit bonus with no limits has started a new program called Prime. High-net-worth traders who sign up by April 7, 2024, will get almost no trading fees and a 1% deposit bonus that can not be capped. The program protects accounts up to $1 million and provides dedicated relationship management. This makes the best choice for traders with a lot of money in the competitive world of cryptocurrency trading. The campaign started on February 8, 2024, and will end on April 7, 2024. People who activate their Prime membership will get a lot of benefits.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits

The Prime program is only open to traders with a lot of money. It has low trading fees, $1 million in account protection, institutional-grade tools, and relationship management. If you activate during the campaign period, you will get a 1% deposit bonus in CRO tokens, but you have to keep them for 24 months. is offering an uncapped 1% deposit bonus on eligible tokens and fiat currency to attract high net worth traders. The bonus, paid in CRO tokens, is a strategic move to boost the native token’s value and liquidity, targeting tokens like BTC, ETH, and OP. Prime’s Special Deposit Bonus Campaign” is giving high-net-worth traders a special deposit bonus that they can not use for 24 months after the campaign ends. The offer is only valid for App users who have finished all the steps for signing up, including proving their identity. Although the platform is only accessible to people who have been invited, its private nature makes it a popular choice among traders with a lot of money. Prime wants to be the best option for traders with a lot of money by giving them special benefits and being able to trade only with them. The campaign will only be successful if it can bring in and keep high-net-worth traders, which will increase the platform’s liquidity and reputation in the competitive market for cryptocurrency trading. The campaign runs from February 8 to April 7, 2024, with a limited window for potential users to activate their Prime membership and enjoy the uncapped 1% deposit bonus.’s latest move emphasizes innovation, exclusivity, and customer-centric offerings in the ever-changing cryptocurrency trading landscape.

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