Al Salam Bank redefines real estate with exclusive deals at HFE 2024

Al Salam Bank redefines real estate with exclusive deals at HFE 2024

Al Salam Bank announced partnerships with real estate developers and businesses at the Housing Finance Exhibition 2024. The goal is to change the way people finance homes and make buying a home easy and affordable. As a result of the partnership, design advice, discounts on home plots, and competitive financing options are all available. Customers can get professional help customizing their dream homes, save money on residential plots, and get low-cost home loans with good interest rates.

Transforming Home Financing

We Invision Design and Execution will provide assistance to Al Salam Bank customers with regard to design and execution of their projects. They will also receive a voucher from Al Salam Gas worth BD 50, discounts on home appliances, and they will not be required to pay any fees associated with the valuation of their property.

Al Salam Bank’s personal and property financing solutions feature competitive profit rates, a grace period of up to six months, and exemptions from various fees, including property valuation, administrative, and down payments. These new services have made it easier and cheaper for people to buy homes by streamlining the process.

Leadership in Housing Finance

Throughout the years to come, the future of real estate and home financing will be shaped by the ripple effects that continue to resonate as a result of the strategic partnerships that Al Salam Bank has formed. Al Salam Bank has expanded its network and become more adept at catering to the requirements of a wide variety of homebuyers as a result of its collaboration with well-known real estate agencies and developers. Customers have access to a diverse selection of options as a result of the bank’s partnerships, which have resulted in private discounts, unique incentives, and individualized financing choices. Al Salam Bank is prepared to maintain its position as a leader in the housing finance industry and to be a driving force behind additional market expansion thanks to its commitment to innovative ideas and its focus on the requirements of its customers.

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