A cybersecurity expert discusses digital threats at a chamber event

A cybersecurity expert discusses digital threats at a chamber event

Ryan Lewis, a cybersecurity expert, spoke at a Chamber of Commerce event about the rise of cyberattacks and ransomware threats and the need for preventative steps such as data protection, employee training, and strong password management.

Addressing Cybersecurity Threats at a Chamber Event

Lewis also suggested using strong firewalls and encryption to keep important data safe from possible breaches. These proactive cybersecurity steps can help businesses lower their risk of cyberattacks and protect their reputation.

As an example of how bad and common cyberattacks are, Lewis pointed out that malware is on almost all personal computers and that a huge number of Facebook accounts have been hacked. Lewis stressed how important it is for businesses to understand and deal with cyber threats right away, since they are getting smarter and more persistent.

One of the focal points of Lewis’ discourse was the growing prominence of ransomware, which can encrypt entire networks and hold victims to ransom with the promise of decryption in return for hefty payments. However, paying the ransom does not always mean that you will be able to get back to the encrypted data. To stop these kinds of attacks before they happen, it’s important to take proactive cybersecurity measures.

A Fundamental Business Necessity

Lewis kept talking about how important it is to use strong security protocols to keep sensitive information safe and keep business running. Because digital threats are always getting worse, reactive steps are no longer enough. Businesses need to take responsibility for cybersecurity by investing in the latest technology and creating a mindset where everyone is aware of cybersecurity issues.

Just as the digital world is always changing, so are the threats that live in it. Lewis‘ talk served as a reminder to the members of the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce that cybersecurity is not just a technical issue but a fundamental business necessity in our increasingly interconnected world. Lewis showed that cybersecurity is an ongoing process that needs constant care and change by stressing how important it is to stay ahead of possible threats.

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